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FreeBSD includes a very robust packet filtering firewall system andmany intrusion detection tools. The open source nature of Linux allows anyone to inspect the securityof the code and make changes, but in reality the Linux codebase ismodified too rapidly by inexperienced programmers. FreeBSD 12 Benchmarks, Linux Performance FreeBSD 12 benchmarks, FreeBSD 12 performance data from OpenBenchmarking.org and the Phoronix Test Suite. Linux Network Performance vs FreeBSD : linux Linux Network Performance vs FreeBSD I was looking into why people are using FreeBSD instead of Linux for some servers and network applications (netflix just switch from linux to freebsd), and a lot of it seems to be that everyone shows FreeBSD to have better network performance than Linux. Abandon Linux. Move to FreeBSD or Illumos. - Admin by

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FreeBSD 8.0 vs. Ubuntu 9.10 Benchmarks - Slashdot An anonymous reader writes "Phoronix has brought benchmarks comparing the FreeBSD 8.0-RC and Ubuntu 9.10 Alpha 6 operating systems. FreeBSD rather ends up taking a wallop to Ubuntu Linux, but there are a few areas where FreeBSD 8 ran well. They also posted benchmarks comparing this near-final FreeBSD 8.0 build to that of FreeBSD 7.2 to show performance improvements there but with a few OpenBenchmarking.org - DaCapo Benchmark Benchmarks

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4. Comparing BSD and Linux - FreeBSD Who owns BSD? No one person or corporation owns BSD. It is created and distributed by a … Is FreeBSD faster than Linux? Jun 27, 2018 Is FreeBSD faster than Linux? - FreeBSDNews.com