Apr 18, 2011

Mohammadi confirmed that the “Halal Internet” will be extensively censored and monitored by Iranian authorities. Entertainment, ecommerce and egovernment services will all be available through Iran Introduces Halal Internet - The Media Line This new service, nicknamed the “halal” (lawful) internet, is another ploy by the Iranian state to limit the spread of information into and around Iran. “The network is basically a government effort to create a nationally controlled internet,” Sanam Vakil, an associate fellow at Chatham House, an international affairs think tank, in Halal internet? This browser promises to be compliant with Read more about Halal internet? This browser promises to be compliant with Islamic values on Business Standard. SalamWeb relies on community-vetted content filters that mark web pages as appropriate, neutral or inappropriate, while warning users when they approach sites with gambling or pornography 7 Halal Ways To Make Money Online! (These Are Great

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Iran’s long-awaited “Halal Internet”–a nationwide intranet that will be heavily monitored and cut off from the rest of the world–finally has a launch date. INTERNET AND HALAL TOURISM MARKETING - ResearchGate Internet And Halal Tourism Marketing 173 Turkish Studies International Periodical For the Languages, Literature and History of Turkish or Turkic Volume 9/8 Summer 2014 In the context of the

What is Halal Certification? Because many people are unfamiliar with religious practices outside of their own faith tradition, religious certifications sometimes raise questions. Unfortunately, there have been a few poor articles written and shared on the internet trying to link Halal certifications to terrorism. Those claims are false.

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