Oct 19, 2018

Aug 30, 2017 Australian government to introduce new ‘rapid takedown Oct 18, 2018 Is Australia strict on internet piracy? - Quora No. Australia has very much weaker laws than many other countries, which is a slight cause of friction between the US and Australia. There are two differences between the laws in Australia and those in many other countries: 1. Its not actually Digital Piracy and the Copyright Act - Go To Court Lawyers

Village Roadshow, a major film and DVD distribution and cinema company, supports the new law. The company says continued piracy would mean Australia’s film and television drama industry would be

Why the drop in illegal movie downloads in Australia? Oct 14, 2015 Australia: Net Piracy and Metadata – The Diplomat Apr 10, 2015

In Western Australia, one individual was recently convicted of possessing child pornography obtained on the Internet from Mexico.(93) Canada has just had its first conviction for distributing child pornography by computer.(94) The Crimes (Child Pornography) Amendment Bill (NSW) 1995 would ban the possession of child pornography, including that

Microsoft Intensifies Worldwide Campaign Against Internet Apr 02, 2001 Feb 07, 2019 · Since mid-2015, Australian ISPs (internet service providers) have become vulnerable to claims by big music and film publishers in an effort to reduce illegal downloading in Australia. The first cases have now made their way through the Federal Court system, resulting in site blocking of PirateBay, KickAssTorrents and a variety of other websites.