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tun (n.) "large cask," especially one for wine, ale, or beer, Old English tunne "tun, cask, barrel," a general North Sea Germanic word (compare Old Frisian tunne, Middle Dutch tonne, Old High German tunna, German tonne), also found in Medieval Latin tunna (9c.) and Old French tonne (diminutive tonneau); perhaps from a Celtic source (compare Middle Irish, Gaelic tunna, Old Irish toun "hide, skin"). Other articles where Tun is discussed: tardigrade: …suspended animation called the “tun” state—in which the body dries out and appears as a lifeless ball (or tun). In this state their metabolism may decline to as little as 0.01 percent of its normal rate. Tardigrades can survive as tuns for years, or even decades, to wait out… TuneCore Artists can log in to check sales reports, withdraw money, distribute music and view analytics of where their music is being streamed. Use your Android tablet to set up and command the complete DSP feature set of a compatible JL Audio DSP-based amplifier, via Bluetooth LE connection. TüN™ Mobile automatically recognizes a compatible JL Audio product and offers a clear user interface optimized for that specific product. A simulation mode is included to simulate any product or perform offline setup. TüN™ Mobile 3.1 is Differences between "tun" and "machen" A frequent question is what is the difference between "machen" and "tun". Often, they are synonyms and can be used interchangeably even though machen is more common in these cases (it depends on the region). In a few cases, only the use of "tun" is correct, especially in fixed expressions: tun = pytun.open("tap") tun is the handler for the newly created tunnel and is manipulated like a file. To read/write, use the standard methods recv([size = 1500]) and send(buf)

TuN is a soul-funk-blues-rock band from the Pacific Northwest. Their original music breathes new life into the old-school sounds of the '60s and '70s.

Define tun. tun synonyms, tun pronunciation, tun translation, English dictionary definition of tun. n. 1. A large cask for liquids, especially wine. 2. A measure of The University Network is a platform that enlightens minds while helping students. Jun 11, 2020 · Swedish: ton n, tun n (dialectal) References [ edit ] tún in An Icelandic-English Dictionary , R. Cleasby and G. Vigfússon, Clarendon Press, 1874, at Internet Archive . Vottunarstofan Tún ehf. | Þarabakki 3 | 109 Reykjavík | Netfang: tun@tun.is Sími: 511 1330 & 820 4130 | Fax: 511 1331 | Persónuvernd

Apr 08, 2020 · tun n (definite singular tunet, indefinite plural tun, definite plural tuna) courtyard, front yard (the area in front of, around or between houses, particularly on a farm) 1996, Jon Fosse, Nokon kjem til å komme: I tunet framfor eit gammalt ganske forfallent hus […] In the front yard in front of an old, rather dilapidated house […]

TUN.com, New York, NY. 4.4K likes. The University Network (TUN) helps students save money with its student discount programs, content & resources, and the Textbook and Scholarship Save Engines. Tun Tun, Actress: Mr. X in Bombay. Tun Tun was a prolific singer and comedienne appearing in over 100 Bollywood films. She began her career as a singer but was soon overshadowed by others. A heavy woman, she turned to comedy, using her weight to her advantage and continued her career as a comedienne. She died at the age of 76. Jul 24, 2020 · TUN - Tunis-Carthage International Airport Current Conditions. Tunis, TN. 24-Jul-2020