TigerVPN is a Slovakian VPN service provider founded in 2011 and after a short break if was relaunched in May 2016. Despite having a short history, it provides a good service that allows its users to protect their online privacy, unblock Geo-restricted sites and content as well as provide a strong device …

Oct 21, 2019 tigerVPN - Privacy Protection, Unlock Georestrictions Encryption is available for all devices, such as iOS, Android, Mac and Windows. Our plans allow multi use so you can protect all devices at the same time. Performance. Performance. Our engineers have built tigerVPN to always keep 30% bandwidth reserved. That means, if required, we automatically allocate more bandwidth and resources. Global TigerVPN Review 2020 - Sounds cool, but is it any good? Apr 02, 2020 TigerVPN Review (2020): Almost There, Just One More Thing

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TigerVPN Review - Updated 2020 TigerVPN Review. TigerVPN has taken care of the worst of its security issues since we reviewed it last, but still contends with streaming issues, a lack of features and a poor privacy policy. TigerVPN Review – VPN offer

“VPN has helped me out so many times. TigerVPN is very affordable and jus as good, if not better than other services. I came from StrongVPN and Tiger is just winning. Recently at Denver intl airport, TigerVPN was able to give me a better speed! Yes! Faster!! I went from 1.3 down and .5 up to 9.6 down and 3.3 up!

Nov 03, 2014 VPN by tigerVPN - For Android 3.5.4 Download Android APK