VMware DCLI means VMware Datacenter Command-Line Interfaces, which is used to manage VMware vCenter. DCLI is a CLI client, a DCLI command talks to a VMware API endpoint to locate relevant information and then executes the command and displays result to the user. You can run DCLI commands as follows: vCenter Server Appliance.

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vSphere Storage Appliance. vSphere Storage Appliance Installation; View 5. VMware View 5 Composer and Connection Server Installation; VMware View 5 Configuration; PowerCLI. How to Create a VMware ESXi 5 upgrade image containing the Nexus1000v in PowerCLI; VMware PowerCLI Pocket Guide; Site Recovery Manager 5. VMware Site Recovery Manager 5 Lab

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Deploy the Appliance · VMware vSphere Integrated If the vSphere Integrated Containers appliance uses a different port for vSphere Integrated Containers Management Portal, replace 8282 with the appropriate port. For information about how to use vSphere Integrated Containers Management Portal, see View and Manage VCHs, Add Registries, and Provision Containers Through the Management Portal . VMware vSphere: What's New [V5.5 to V6.7] - On Demand In this three-day, hands-on training course, you explore the new features and enhancements in VMware vCenter Server ® 6.7 and VMware ESXi ™ 6.7. Real-world use-case deployment scenarios, hands-on lab exercises, and lectures teach you the skills that you need to effectively implement and configure VMware vSphere ® 6.7. This course is recommended for customers who want to deploy vSphere 6.7 VMware default usernames and passwords – vDrone