User-level security is the default setting for Samba. Even if the security = user directive is not listed in the smb.conf file, it is used by Samba. If the server accepts the client's username/password, the client can then mount multiple shares without specifying a password for each instance.

c# - What does the file security.config.cch do with the security.config.cch files, and variations of them (, security.config.cch.[random numbers] etc.) are security resolution cache files. These files are essentially a cache of the CAS (Code Access Security) demands of your application's code. They allow the in-built security system of the CLR to resolve the security demands Network security configuration | Android Developers Dec 27, 2019 TiKV | Security Config

The security config modify command modifies the existing cluster-wide security configuration. If you enable FIPS-compliant mode, the cluster will automatically select only compliant TLS protocols (currently TLSv1.2 and TLSv1.1). Non-compliant protocols are not enabled when FIPS-compliant mode is disabled.

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