Network Monitoring Tool If you’re an internet wizard like me, chances are you have got multiple servers running for a wide range of purposes, both professional and personal. Building a handy network monitor could be one of the best Raspberry Pi projects for you, allowing you to monitor the network activities of your servers conveniently.

Yet Another Monitor (YAMon) records and reports on the traffic (downloads and uploads) for all of the devices connecting to your router. The data is aggregated by hour, day and month (within your ISP billing interval) and can be rolled-up into arbitrary groups (e.g., by family member or by any other logical grouping of devices). Jul 11, 2017 · Click on the IP address to access the settings for that network. Once inside the settings menu click Stats and Logs in the left hand column. Within the Stats and Logs menu check the box Enable stats and logs and then click Apply. Apr 11, 2014 · In this section, we’ll briefly discuss how to setup a bandwidth limiter to monitor and control bandwidth. Just to be clear, Quality of Service is designed to prioritize one type of traffic over another. A Bandwidth Limiter actually caps the bandwidth, regardless of what else is going on within your network. This works entirely independent Dec 30, 2019 · Tomato Firmware - Tomato Firmware is a firmware installed to a router (e.g., Linksys' WRT54G) that give them the extended ability to monitor all bandwidth done on that router. With this update, you'd be able to log into your router and see the bandwidth statistics for all traffic going over the router.

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Sep 17, 2018 Setup a Bandwidth Limiter to Monitor and Control Bandwidth