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Top of Page. Create an embedded macro. This procedure creates a macro that is embedded in an event property of an object. Such a macro does not appear in the Navigation Pane, but can be called from events such as On Load or On Click.. Because the macro becomes part of the form or report object, embedded macros are recommended for automating tasks that are specific to a particular form or …

This is the accent color used for highlights and other user interface accents in newer versions of Android. Components affected by this property include dialogs created by the Notifier, the DatePicker, and others. AlignHorizontal A number that encodes how contents of the screen are aligned horizontally. User Interface - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics User Interface. User interfaces take much more time and effort than most development efforts anticipate, so even interested developers find they do not have time to ensure that all parts of the system meet even minimal standards. Samsung Galaxy S10 review: User interface

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