Dec 15, 2019 · What makes pfSense so great is that is the combination of three things: 1) awesome hardware support, 2) a fantastic easy to use user interface (UI), and 3) its rock solid reliability. But with most open source projects, even one with some commercial backing, pfSense struggles in the area of support and support documentation.

Jul 02, 2020 · If you're blocking sites on Google Chrome, you'll need to place a space and then the "www.[site].com" version of the website's address after the "[site].com" version. To block Facebook, for example, you would type in I would try blocking a domain name then try to browse to that domain (e.g. and ensure the proxy is configured correctly and that it's doing its job on a basic level. its blocking domain name and glad that i tested it.. thank you! i tried some another extensions for adult websites blocking and they are blocking, but.. i can see the website (porn site for example) for at least 5 seconds or sometimes more till its blocked, and these 5 seconds is a lot for chilled, but this extension "block site" is blocking immediately! right away blocking adult sites Jul 19, 2018 · Blocking scripting languages from running on untrusted websites will prevent ads, trackers, and other forms of undesirable activity from occurring. In addition to blocking scripts, NoScript comes with a robust set of anti-cross-site-scripting and clickjacking protections to help prevent malicious actions and undesirable redirects. In sessions 31 and 32, we will implement website blocking functionality for the whole network using pfsense plugin called pfblocker, where you can block from a list of websites and also you can include individual domain names and block that particular domain name in the network.

@ChaseFlorell It was only blocking that website, because all other websites you tried didn't have an IP in the range. Of course there were likely thousands of websites you accidentally blocked but never used and thus never noticed not to work.

Likewise, if you click on the WAN tab, you’ll note that there are currently no allow rules in place, thus blocking all traffic inbound to your network. If you’d like to restrict outbound traffic to a handful of services for security (e.g. http/https/dns/ftp), then you could configure a Ports group under the Firewall → Aliases section like so: Also I run pfSense as a bridge into a Sophos UTM 9 security gateway that includes blocking porn among numerous awesome features; the Sophos UTM 9 is ahead of a ClearOS gateway that adds weighted phrase limit capability and more awesome things before distributing internet to local subnets in our house. Hope this helps, and good luck. Reply Delete Try to visit a website included in your DNSBL lists, you should arrive at your virtual IP (DNS Sinkhole) referenced in DNSBL settings (default If SSL is not configured on your pfSense device and the browser is trying to load an SSL page, you’ll likely receive an SSL warning in your browser which works just as well (user is still Jan 10, 2019 · Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website.

Dec 28, 2017 · First, log in on Pfsense.. Then click System->Certificate Manager->CAs . First, add a new CA click on add tab. A new window open. Type Descriptive Name, Method, Key Length, Digest Algorithm, Lifetime, Country Code, State/Province, City, Organization, Organizational Unit (Which is optional), E-mail and Common Name.

Apr 21, 2017 · Blocking Facebook is easy because it stand alone, many solution out there, but if you wanna block Youtube, especially Youtube App (Android & iOS) is a bit more job to do because it will be also blocked, for me i use pfsense 2.2.6 (amd64) and here how i do it: My pfsense also can't block sites, if i active ACL. I wanna set 1 ACL base time to block Friendster and Facebook , but if i set ACL other site not blocked, example porn (always block alltime). Already try create 2 ACL, still doesn't work. Now my Facebook and Friendster can't be block by time. block HTTP HTTPS Facebook pfSense. Facebook works on HTTPS and there are some tutorials that help you to install “Squid3” Development Package on pfSense to configure pfSense for blocking some of websites but I found issues with it and it wasn’t worthy for my work environment along with “blocking Facebook with pfSense”. May 29, 2020 · Being honest, this PfSense firewall nearly drove me to madness when I first got it. It’s not because the thing isn’t incredibly powerful, or that the interface isn’t surprisingly intuitive, it’s that I’ve been inpatient, and haven’t been using the included tools to properly diagnose problems. Jun 18, 2010 · Pfsense blocking too much I have been using Pfsense for about the past 2 months and within the past few weeks it has gotten very aggressive with what it blocks. I have two LAN rules that basically allow HTTP and HTTPS out and I still find it blocking traffic over those protocols.