Free printable and easy chords for song by Lou Reed - Perfect Day. Chords ratings, diagrams and lyrics. PERFECT DAY - Lou Reed Capo op 1 Intro E - Am - E - Am Am D Just a perfect day, G C Drink Sangri

2013-10-29 · 所有Lou Reed的唱片里,真正认真听的不超过三张。最喜欢的还是那张《Transformer》。他多前卫啊,70年代初期就敢玩的又随性又华丽。而他就这么一直玩到了人生终点。至于那首人见人爱的《Perfect Day》,在《猜火车》里听到,又是后来的事。 LOU REED - TRANSFORMER ALBUM LYRICS Lou Reed - Transformer Album Lyrics; 1. I'm So Free Lyrics: 2. Hangin’ ’Round (acoustic demo) Lyrics: 3. Hangin' 'Round (Acoustic Demo Version) Lyrics: 4. Perfect Day / Transformer Radio Spot Lyrics: 5. Perfect Day/Transformer Radio Spot Lyrics: 6. Hangin’ ’Round Lyrics: 7. Hangin' 'Round Lyrics: 8. Hangin’ Round Lyrics… Lou Reed - Perfect Day Lyrics

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Lou Reed - Perfect Day Lyrics. What a perfect day, drink Sangria in the park Later when it gets dark, we go home Ooh such a perfect day feed animals in the zoo Then lat Perfect Day lyrics - LOU REED

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