The varying elevations, climate and soils of Colorado support a diverse population of shrubs. From the low-elevation plains of the eastern part of the state, to the high elevations of the sub-alpine region, gardeners in Colorado can find both evergreen and deciduous shrubs suitable for …

Mar 01, 2017 Colorado Trees & Shrubs | Buy Online at Nature Hills Nursery “The Centennial State” boasts the Blue Spruce as its state tree, and they are certainly a prominent sight throughout the state. Other favorite trees that nature Hills Nursery stocks for its Colorado guests are the Royal Empress (with its fast-growing, year round attractions), the Ginkgo (that features one-of-a-kind foliage), and Autumn Blaze Maple (with its magnificent, flaming color). Privacy Hedges That Are Drought-Tolerant: 10 SoCal Options If you need a bit more privacy for your paving stone patio or have an outdoor entertaining area that is a little too visible to your neighbors, it may be time to find some fast-growing, attractive options for creating a privacy screen. Of course, if you live in Southern California, you will most likely be interested in low-water choices, so here are 10 drought-tolerant privacy hedge options Privacy Shrubs For Sale Online - Privet, Holly | Nature

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Jun 27, 2014 Best Privacy Hedges | Evergreens for Privacy European Beech is one of the best bushes for privacy which is an extremely popular choice in Europe and for European-styled gardens. It offers lush, green foliage in the spring and summer and copper fall color that persists through the winter. Even though it is deciduous, the persistent leaves still provide some peace through the winter months. Five easy climbers that will give your Colorado garden

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Privacy Shrubs For Sale Online - Privet, Holly | Nature To have privacy and some landscape color for only the growing season, a deciduous shrub would be the best selection. Deciduous shrubs offer seasonal, and in many cases, flowering choices. Some of the most popular evergreen privacy shrubs are hollies (Ilex) and arborvitaes (Thuja).