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There’s been some disparaging content about “URL-based filtering” lately – suggesting that it isn’t able to effectively block without over-blocking. At Lightspeed Systems, we understand that while educational content shouldn’t be over-blocked, adult content shouldn’t be under-blocked, either. The Lightspeed Systems Solution It’s time to rethink web filtering for schools. As much as a web filter needs to block inappropriate content, it also needs to ALLOW education. This means access to tools, resources, and people that can make learning engaging and real. While those resources and tools already exist to a large degree, I can't get past lightspeed systems? My school has lightspeed systems for a content filter, and I've tried everything to get past it, nothing works! And all I want is to find a Final fantasy 3 for Nintendo DS walkthrough :(Bri September 2009 Sep 13, 2017 · Education technology solution provider Lightspeed Systems has introduced a crucial new feature to its award-winning school content filter to help protect students online. Filter Bypass Controls, now available in Lightspeed Systems Web Filter, gives school IT departments the power to ban and report on the use of web filtering bypass tools.

Dec 28, 2018 · Under Brian’s leadership, Lightspeed has become the market leader in K-12 content filtering — more than 25,000 schools around the world use its software — and played a critical role in

Oct 20, 2018 · There are content filters that are content aware, meaning, it scans the page before displaying it to the end user. If you Allow a site, yes, it will always allow you to get to it, but that's why you don't allow it, you would whitelist the site. That way the content filter will play its role and scan the page to make sure it is safe. Apr 09, 2020 · Partnered with 6,500 districts in the United States and 28,000 schools around the world, Lightspeed Systems offers integrated filtering, management, monitoring, and protection for schools through

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Report on all of it. Lightspeed Systems reports let you ensure policies are being followed and students are using technology appropriately. Use the Bypass Ban report to see (and expire) bans related to filter bypass tools. Together these features give you multi-layered … How can I get around the Lightspeed internet filtering