T-Mobile USA suspects they can run 50% of their cellular data traffic over IPv6 by the end of 2011 (apparently they send a lot of traffic to Google and Facebook). On a personal note, it was very entertaining to hear Cameron Byrne from T-Mobile USA repeatedly tell content providers, "Our users are going to access your content over IPv6.

How to enable IPv6 only connectivity on the T-Mobile Nexus T-Mobile has already enabled IPv6, so all that needs to be done for a device to use it is to change APNs. In Android 4.2, this can be accomplished by going to Settings->More under Wireless and Networks->Mobile Networks->Access Point Names and hitting the plus sign in the upper right hand corner. 464XLAT: Breaking Free of IPv4 • T-Mobile embraced the concept of IPv6-only, since dual-stack required IPv4 that was not available • NAT64 / DNS64 was a good solution that did not require IPv4 on each client, but some applications failed to work on IPv6-only networks. It is not acceptable to break Skype or …

IPv6 advocates are becoming increasingly vocal on IPv6-only deployment. People such as Jari Arkko (Ericsson), Irene Nikolova (Google) and Cameron Byrne (T-Mobile USA) are spreading the message on IPv6-only in the IETF, Internet forums, and speaking engagements.

Jun 25, 2018 Do cell phones use IPv6? - Quora Almost all cell phones made since the mid-2000s support IPv6, but whether or not they use IPv6 on the cellular network depends on the carrier, and even the model of the phone. At this point, all newly purchased phones on all major US carriers can

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The complete resource for information related to Internet Protocol Version 6 aka IPv6. Learn about computer networking, IP Addresses, IPv6 Addressing Format, Applications, Acceptance, Hardware, Security, Deployment and much more. IPv6 growth is slowing and no one knows why. Let's see if May 21, 2018 How to enable IPv6 in ASUS Router? [Guide] - Experience Step 1: Login to your ASUS router web setting page. Key in http:router.asus.com in your browser’s address bar.. For high end gaming routers from ASUS such as AC86U, AC5300, GT-AX11000, your web setting page might be slightly different, yet, the process of setting up the IPv6 is the same. [Networking] IPV6 - Verizon FiOS | DSLReports Forums Mar 30, 2018