Solved: paying credit card bills with paypal credit

Can You Pay a Credit Card Using PayPal? | SmartSavvyLife PayPal is a digital currency for the most part today, and your balance generally comes from a PayPal card, friends or family, services you’ve rendered or sold online, or even a PayPal line of credit itself, which you CAN pay via the PayPal balance you keep on hand (more on that in a minute). PayPal remains the most useful of all online PayPal Credit Cards: Which Is Better? | Credit Karma 2019-9-24 · Chase Freedom®: If you want a credit card with bonus categories that change every few months, take a look at this card — it offers rotating bonus categories. Capital One® Savor® Cash Rewards Credit Card : If you want a card with set bonus categories that offer a bit more value than the PayPal Extras Mastercard®, consider this card. PayPal Debit Card vs. PayPal Credit Card – What's the 2018-12-6 · PayPal offers both debit and credit card products that can allow cardholders to easily access their PayPal balance. Depending on your needs, the PayPal card that’s best for you varies. If you’re looking to earn rewards, you should consider one of the two credit cards. But if you don’t want a credit card and prefer a basic payment option

2020-7-24 · Best credit card payment processors in 2020: Square, PayPal, Stripe, and more. Here we take a look at some of the industry's more popular credit and debit card processors.

How to Pay PayPal Credit Balance with Credit Card Note that you will have to close your PayPal credit account to pay your balance with a credit card, but if you accidentally used this service and this doesn’t bother you as it didn’t me then simply call 1-866-528-3733 and don’t dance around it; let the representative know that you want to pay your PayPal Credit balance with credit card

2014-4-18 · Paying with a credit card or PayPal generates similar fees and protections, and can even earn similar rewards. The best choice for you ultimately …

Which Is Safer: PayPal or a Credit Card? - Investopedia 2020-2-4 · PayPal and individual credit card companies offer unique services and products. Choosing which to use may be a matter of the services you need, the functionalities available, the offers presented PayPal Credit Card Reviews - WalletHub 2020-7-16 · The PayPal Credit Card is a $0 annual fee credit card for people with good credit or better. It offers 3 rewards points per $1 spent at gas stations and restaurants, in addition to 2 points per $1 spent through PayPal and eBay, and 1 point per $1 on everything else. PayPal or Credit Card—Which is Safer? | Money Girl