DESTDIR, if set by the user, determines the complete alternative environment, usually % make stage && make check-plist && make stage-qa && make package. check-plist checks for files missing from the plist, and files in the plist that are not installed by the port.

The auto-destdir tools "make-redir" and "run-redir" will automatically redirect file reads/writes to follow the DESTDIR convention, without requiring anychanges to the build files (e.g., a makefile). Attemptsto write to directories that are normally root-privileged (such as … Install mysql2 on MacOS Mojave · GitHub Install mysql2 on MacOS Mojave. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Automating DESTDIR for Packaging Programs that use libtool usually support DESTDIR directly, but even if they didn’t, the point is the same: “make install” tends to use only a very few programs. So given that “make install” tends to only a few commands, one “obvious” approach would be to modify just these basic commands so that they will redirect their writes (e Plugin Management - Fluentd

Mar 14, 2020 · make DESTDIR=path-to-rootdir install where path-to-rootdir is the absolute path of a directory relative to which all installation paths will be interpreted. Note that the directory specified by DESTDIR need not exist yet; it will be created if necessary.

make install 2>&1 > installation.log. 1.1 DESTDIR. Makefiles created by the classic "./configure" script often take into account the variable DESTDIR. If set "make install" will install the application under the directory pointed by DESTDIR rather than in /. To set it you can for instance type (prefer the full path to a … Make process fails depending on DESTDIR - Qt Bug Tracker I've created a Library project (called "testLib") targeting Android platform. All default settings. If I add the row: DESTDIR = ../../Libdx to the QT project file, the build fails (the path to the folder and the folder itself exist): 16:47:30: Running steps for project testLib 16:47:31: Starting: "C:\MinGW\bin\mingw32-make.exe" clean del testlib.obj del *~ core *.core Could Not Find C Build and Install - Curse of War - GitHub Pages

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make install DESTDIR=*** Number 2 is for installing to a temporary directory which is not where the package will be run from. For example this is used when building deb packages. The person building the package doesn't actually install everything into its final place on his own system. DESTDIR — CMake 3.12.4 Documentation DESTDIR¶. On UNIX one can use the DESTDIR mechanism in order to relocate the whole installation. DESTDIR means DESTination DIRectory. It is commonly used by makefile users in order to install software at non-default location. It is usually invoked like this: CSDN博客-专业IT技术发表平台 We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. DESTDIR (automake) - GNU 2.2.10 Building Binary Packages Using DESTDIR. The GNU Build System’s make install and make uninstall interface does not exactly fit the needs of a system administrator who has to deploy and upgrade packages on lots of hosts. In other words, the GNU Build System does not replace a package manager.